miércoles, 22 de enero de 2014

Nuevo firmware disponible para Shuttle Omninas KD20

Este mes de enero Shuttle lanzó una nueva actualización para sus equipos KD20 enfocada a corregir diferentes errores encontrados y sobretodo para añadir el soporte de multiformato a unidades externas (NTFS, XFS, EXT3...). La versión se sitúa con este update en la 2.35.20140102.

Changelog OMNINAS-7821_2.35.20140102

Bug Fixed:
1. Under Traditional-Chinese Wizard step 3 page, update “數位”to “數字”in setup rule string.
2. Occasionally the Share box last status is showing Japanese
(Share Box status strings support multi-language.)
3. Wizard setting share box error.
(Under Web UI, the Network host name and Sharebox host name are two different names and have different setup rules. Only Network host name setup allows capital letters. But, under Wizard setting UI, the Share box host name allows capital letters. )
(Fixed: Under Wizard setting UI, both the Network host name and Share box host name cannot allow capital letters. Add notice of correct setup rules about Share box host name in Share Box setting page of Web UI.)
4. Twonky server adding shared file directory issue(Twonky server version upgrade from 7.1.3 to 7.2.2)
(Under Twonky Server Web UI, when adding new Shared Folders or changing the directory of existing shared folder, the setup process failed and the changes cannot be saved correctly.)
5. Under Web UI and Wizard UI, change ”Россия” to “Русский”for language selection.
6. During the Wizard setup,if user choose to use the existing disk configuration,new folder cannot be added in web UI afterwards.
7. After entering the Wizard process, the “maximum number of clients has been reached…” warning message popped up and user cannot continue the Wizard process.
8. When clicking on media box "SETTINGS" tag, FW created a redundant “Settings” string In header of the Twonky web UI
9. When create directory under Mac mini, the folder cannot be fully accessed from Windows 7 machine
10. Change folder/file permissions in AFP path, so that it will allow multiple users to access the folder and files created by different Mac user.

Enhancement :
1. Support multiple partitions for external disk

Enlaces de descarga aquí.

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