viernes, 24 de mayo de 2013

Synology lanza la versión final de Surveillance Station (v6.0-2636)

Tras un tiempo bajo versiones beta de su suite de cámaras IP Synology lanzó ayer la versión final y estable de un renovado diseño de este programa de gestión, a continuación puedes leer las novedades:

Compatibility and Installation
  • Surveillance Station 6.0-2636 does not support DS108j and DS109j, and it will be the last upgrade for DS209j due to hardware capabilities.
  • All Synology NVR must run Surveillance Station 6.0-2636 or later to set up Surveillance Station CMS.
  • Existing paired CMS servers will have to go to Surveillance Station -> Management -> Server and re-authenticate the paring with DSM’s admin password after upgrading to Surveillance Station 6.0-2636.

What’s New
  • Central Management System (CMS) has been redesigned for large-scale and high level enterprise surveillance projects:
  • A Synology NVR can act as a “CMS host,” providing a single entry point to manage your entire surveillance system.
  • Multiple Synology NVR can be designated as “Recording servers” to provide recording storage and resources for IP camera installation.
  • The camera list can now be quickly filtered by different criteria, such as server, camera group, brand, model, and more.
  • Recordings can now be filtered by server, camera, start time, and more.
  • Customized CMS access privileges can be assigned to different users and groups.
  • Notifications can be managed on the CMS host to provide a CMS level notification center.
  • Camera licenses on all recording servers are centralized on the CMS host to simplify management.
  • Logs from recordings servers are centralized on the CMS host to offer easy access and smart filtering.
  • Advanced filtering options are now available throughout the CMS user interface, offering a quick and unified search experience.
  • Tunneling is now available to stream MPEG4, H264 via RTSP over HTTP.
  • Digital zoom is now available when live view is paused.
  • Image quality has been improved when adjusting digital zoom in/out.
  • Live view performance has been improved.
  • Notifications can now be sent to VS240HD.
  • 76 new camera models have been added from Axis, ACTi, D-Link, and Edimax, and now supports 1478 camera models in total. Please refer to here for the complete list.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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