viernes, 14 de junio de 2013

Qué modificaciones/mejoras incorpora QTS 4.0.1 (Final - Build0604)

Hace unos pocos días se liberó la versión de firmware final de QNAP, el QTS 4.0.1, y que ya publiqué en su momento, pero tenía pendiente incorporar el gran listado de mejoras que incorpora esta versión:

[Change Log] QTS 4.0.1 Build0604 

Multi-window, multi-tasking web administration 
- Advanced system status and alert notification via Dashboard 
- Multiple desktop spaces 
- View active backup or anti-virus scanning jobs 
- Drag and drop or grouping icons for settings or application shortcuts 
- Personalized icons, shortcuts, wallpapers, and views 
- Quick search for finding settings or online help more easily 
- Access or unmount USB/eSATA storage devices easily 
- Built-in outgoing e-mail (SMTP) server support for Gmail,,, etc. 
- Each shared folder now contains a recycle bin 
- Station Manager for enabling/disabling various stations 

File Station (replaces Web File Manager) 
- Photo thumbnails for quick preview 
- Displays local computer files for file upload and download 
- Built-in video and music player 
- Video transcoding (beta) 
- File/folder sharing via download links 
- File/folder compression/decompression 
- Folders can be added to favorites for quick access 

Photo Station 3 
- Photo tagging, color labeling, and rating for quick search 
- Timeline and folder views 
- Animated video thumbnail for previews 
- Shares photos and slideshows by email or URL 
- Shares photos to social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. 
- Supports mobile view (beta) 

Music Station 4 
- ID3 tag editor 
- Static lyrics display 
- Personal and shared playlists 
- Built-in TuneIn Radio with over 70,000 live radio stations and podcasts 
- Shares music by email or URL 
- Shares music to social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc 

QNAP DLNA Server with transcoding support (beta) 

Media library 
- Customizable media folders 
- Supports Photo Station, Music Station, File Station, and QNAP DLNA server 
- Video transcoding (via File Station control) 

AirPlay (via QAirplay app) 
- Stream media files to Apple TV via web-based controller or Qfile 

myQNAPcloud (replaces MyCloudNAS service) 
- Remote access with testing tool (account registration is required) 
- CloudLink for remote access without complicated router settings (beta) 
- Device overview on 

Backup Station 
- Consolidated backup center 
- Smart Import for automatic photo and video import from connected digital cameras via the front USB port with Media Transfer Protocol support (beta) 
- Amazon S3 backup now supports Server Side Encryption and Reduced Redundancy Storage

Surveillance Station Pro 3 
- Improved user interface 
- Supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox browsers on Windows PCs 
- Supports over 1200 IP cameras, including fisheye cameras and ImmerVision enabled Panomorph viewing 

App Center with certified apps and beta lab 

Qsync (beta) 
- Data synchronization between Turbo NAS and Windows PCs 
- Full sync and smart sync modes 
- Selective folder synchronization 
- Create download links for file sharing 
- Team folder for collaboration 
- Recycle bin 

Windows Qfinder 
- Enhanced user interface 
- Standalone first-time NAS setup 
- Resource monitor 
- SMTP mail server configuration 
- My favorite 

myQNAPcloud Connect for Windows (replaces MyCloudNAS Connect) 
- Easy and secure remote access via VPN 

Mobile Apps: (available from the Apple App Store and Google Play) 
- Qmusic 
- Qfile HD for iPad 
- Qfile 
- Auto photo/video upload 
- Thumbnail support 

- Network Recycle Bin will be enabled by default for future initialization 
- Fixed Media Library compatibility issue with certain files

Este es el Changelog para modelos TS-x10,x12,x19,x20,x21, aunque debe mantenerse para otros modelos podemos encontrarnos algunas diferente en comparación con otras gamas superiores.

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